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Jump, H Xafrenne.

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Jump, H Xafrenne.

Bergdorf Goodman department store window display, New York City, by Russell Lee.

Outside Macy's department store, New York City, by Paul Vanderbilt.

Planes at Edward's Air Force Base, Calif., by Russell Lee.

Dusting plane on farmland in New Jersey, by Edwin Rosskam.


Flying (Flying shadows overhead), Roll1, Scenes from Retoure, Reels 2 & 3, Four Faces, Sky, Switch:

H Xafrenne (all sequences).

Fill Me Out, Red Shoes, Shadowplay (Joy Division cover), Reel 1:

Velvet Kills.


Victime of Beauty, The Maze, Mutation, Roof Top, Train, Scorpio, Clog:

Susana Santos.


Every Man's Land, Island (Fish Island Polas), Flying (Strip 6x4s), Monsters:

David Boulogne.